Server Management

Why It Matters

Even as more services move to the cloud, on premises servers continue to be a critical tool for many businesses. Many applications cannot run in the cloud, or are much more cost effective to keep local. Because of this, we have developed a suite of technologies and procedures to keep your server equipment and software running smoothly and reliably. Day in, day out, for years with minimal interruption.

How We Do it

We use advanced automated monitoring technologies to monitor servers and virtual machines for software issues, hardware faults, and other issues such as environmental temperature and electrical conditions. All of these systems are maintained and reviewed daily by our server technicians, so an actual human is looking at your key infrastructure frequently. We combine this with hardware and software lifecycle monitoring to keep tabs on when equipment will fall out of support. Add to that automated—and when required, manual—software patching and updating, and state-of-the-art antivirus and backup technologies, and we have the perfect suite of tools to maintain your servers, and the data they contain.