Data Protection

Keep It Safe

Your data is an invaluable asset. All of the documents, procedures, accounting records, work you’ve created for your customers, and countless other types of files and databases relied on by countless businesses. Most small businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss never recover from it. Our backup, disaster recovery, and data protection services safeguard against nearly every situation. Ransomware? Good backups are the best cure. Disgruntled former employee? We can recovery anything they trash. Hardware failure? With disaster recovery you can be back online in a matter of minutes. Natural disaster? Geo-redundant backups means there’s another copy hundreds of miles away.


Generally, we perform backups of servers, virtual machines, and critical PCs to a local device, typically a NAS large enough to store a couple of months of version history. This means that you can look at your data with point-in-time snapshots for several weeks or more of history. We then also replicate this copy to an off-site location stored in one of a handful of datacenters all over North America. All data is encrypted both at-rest and in-transit, so no one can intercept the backups and read them. Generally, backups can be restored onto similar hardware, or to a virtual machine.

Disaster Recovery

Sometimes, having another copy of the data isn’t enough. You need to be back online as quickly as possible. This is what disaster recovery is. Say, for instance, your server completely fails. It’s rare but can happen. With just a backup, you still need a place to restore that backup to, so can take hours or days to get replacement parts and your existing server back online, or longer to get a totally new machine in. With an on-site disaster recovery appliance, your backups can be activated on a separate device right away, within minutes, to allow you to get back to work right away while the primary equipment is repaired. For even more protection, disaster recovery in our cloud environment allows you to be back online remotely in the event of catastrophic loss of facilities, such as a natural disaster.