Helpdesk & User Support

Who You Gonna Call?

How It Works

Problems come up—it’s just the nature of business technology. Our helpdesk services are there for you when you and your staff encounter problems. When you sign up for managed services, you’ll be given our helpdesk phone number, which rings a rotating set of our staff. You’ll also be given our helpdesk email account, which can be emailed to create service tickets. We also have a self-service ticket portal that some of our clients like to take advantage of.

When you have an issue, call or email it in, and we’ll create a ticket in our system and assign it a priority and assign a technician to it. Generally we respond to phone calls right away and emails within an hour. We can use screen sharing software to work remotely to resolve problems either in the background or interactively.

What’s Included

Generally, the types of one-off issues or recurring problems that the helpdesk covers are things such as issues printing, login and password issues, email and file sharing problem, slow computers, and more severe issues like outages and equipment failures.