Email & Office Suite

Email Made Easy

Gone are the days of needing to choose between low-quality email service, such as those included with web hosting services, and hosting your own email on Microsoft Exchange. Office 365 provides email and calendar services that are robust and highly flexible for even the most demanding organization. Stay connected with your customers, vendors, and employees. Schedule meetings and events. Share mailboxes like info and support accounts. Schedule shared resources like meeting rooms and equipment.

A whole lot more

Office 365 includes a whole lot more than Microsoft Office applications and email. Depending on your business needs, it can also be used for file sharing, hosting web meetings, computer logon and authentication, and even creating basic customized business applications. We manage our clients’ Office 365 resources and help them make the most of the services included in their subscription.

Office 365 Backup

Just because it’s in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s backed up. We provide Office 365 backups to our clients that back up mailboxes, SharePoint and OneDrive, and other resources in an entirely separate datacenter, ensuring that your data is safe from catastrophic failure, accidental deletion, or malicious activities from within.