Security Cameras

Want to keep a watchful eye on your building from afar? Worried about property “growing legs”? Network-based security cameras are a very cost-effective solution, and we can help. If you don’t have cameras, or want to upgrade from an older standard-definition analog system, the process to get them installed, in summary, looks like this.

  • Design a system to fit you needs. This includes ensuring you have enough cameras to cover the area you want to monitor, and ensuring enough capacity to record as much history as you need.
  • Pull cabling to each camera location.
  • Install cameras, networking and server equipment
  • Configure and test

We can provide camera setup as a one-time project, or we can provide cameras via a monthly agreement that covers the cost of installation, ongoing monitoring and maintenance, and upgrading equipment as it reaches the end of its service life. If you’re interested in a free evaluation and quote, please contact us.