Our Approach to Managed Services

Managed Services isn’t a new idea, but we do things a little differently. At a high level, we provide these services to all of our managed service clients.

How we’re different

  1. One price. No B.S. We’re not going to charge you more for your monthly service for adding equipment or features you need. We charge per named, actual human user for office staff, and per terminal for retail, manufacturing, and other shared-equipment environments. That’s it. Everything below is included.
  2. Each client is assigned a single point-of-contact. This person will field most of your helpdesk requests, provide much of your advice and consultation, and visit your site in person. While the rest of the team won’t be invisible to you, you’ll always know who to go to first.
  3. We see the whole picture. Our technicians are also business consultants. They’re trained to not just see the technology you use, but how you use it. This means we work with you and your staff to not just fix technical problems, but continually make technology work smarter for you.
  4. We have high standards. We might ask you to replace equipment a little sooner, or choose something a little better, but the results are always worth it.

What’s always included

  1. Over-the-phone and by-email support for all of your staff
  2. Comprehensive security solutions for the entire network
  3. Support for your servers, network gear, and other behind-the-scenes infrastructure
  4. Best-in-class backups of all of your data
  5. Disaster recovery, should things go wrong with your equipment or facilities
  6. Expert advice on all of your technology, whenever you need it
  7. Round-the-clock monitoring of all of your critical equipment

Interested in more information or a free evaluation? See our contact page for ways to get in touch.